Friday, May 31, 2013

....errr Friday ;)

The kids are both out of school for the summer, so lots of fun activities are planned! This weekend we've scheduled a camping trip (looks like rain though, fingers crossed the system breaks up) so we've planned out meals to be cooked outside over a fire or on our camping stove. I'm posting our camping menu along with the regular lunch and dinner menus for the week.

I'm linking up over at, you can check out other people's menu plans and share yours there as well!

Sub sandwiches
Burgers and Hot Dogs
Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs
Sandwiches, pasta salad
Chicken and veggies roasted in foil packets
Cereal and Oatmeal

Chicken Nuggets with fruit and carrot sticks
Pasta salad
Fish sticks with veggies
PB+J with yogurt and fruit
Sandwiches (camping)
Sub sandwiches (camping)

Lentil tacos with refried beans and Spanish rice (didn't end up making this last week)
DIY pizza
Breakfast for Dinner
Asian Pork Tenderloin w/rice and veggies
Cuban sandwiches
Burgers and Hot Dogs (camping)
Chicken and Veggie packets (camping)

What is your family loving for dinner lately? I'm always looking for new ideas!

Note: I've learned that planning meals for specific days doesn't work for our family, unless there is activity planned for that day. It's definitely best to plan the meals and then choose what to make day by day. :)

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